Iphone/Ipad Board Repair

We  specialize in Iphone & Ipad board repair.

No Power?   

No Image?   

No Backlight?   

No Touch?   

No Camera?   

No Wifi?   

Searching/No Service

Screen Repair


No problem, let us get that fixed as our professional technicians return your phone back to its original state ASAP. It's simple and hassle free.

Game Console Repair

At Computer City,

we believe a faulty game console shouldn't put an end to that interesting game. Let our professional technicians get you back in the game ASAP as we repair your console.

Custom Repairs

Can't see what you want ?

Contact us and we can get your gadget fixed in no time. We are always glad to help.

If we can't fix it, NO ONE can  





Would you like additional information about our repairs and other related services? Reach out, we’d be happy to hear from you.

(334) 232-4169

1430 S Eufaula Ave. Eufaula AL United States 36027

1430 S Eufaula Ave. Eufaula AL

United States 36027

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